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    Our video gallery

    Take a look at our videos, including a step-by-step guide on how to use our cardboard animal bedding, and discover all you need to know about BedKind. 

    Lissa Green Q&A

    We chatted with professional event rider Lissa Green to find out more! Watch video

    Lissa Green BedKind Testimonial

    We recently visited professional event rider Lissa Green to find out what she really thinks about BedKind! Watch video

    Why I Love BedKind Bedding

    We asked some of our oldest and newest customers ‘Why do you love BedKind bedding?’, and here’s what they had to say! Watch video

    Our 5-Step Guide to Dealing With Equine Flu

    To help your horse’s check out our five-step guide to handling equine flu. Watch video

    BedKind can help with equine flu

    Here’s what to do if you think your horse might have equine flu, and how BedKind can help relieve your horse’s symptoms. Watch video

    The Feed Shed BedKind Testimonial

    We interviewed livestock care specialists, and BedKind stockists, The Feed Shed, to find out what they think about our bedding. Watch video

    Lauren Brill BedKind Testimonial

    We spoke with top pony producer Lauren Brill to get a in depth testimonial! Watch video

    Katy Marriott-Payne BedKind Testimonial

    We met with leading pony producer Katy Marriott-Payne for a full review! Watch video

    Melissa Dell BedKind Q&A

    We chatted with BedKind Ambassador Melissa Dell to find out where her love of everything horsey came from! Watch video

    Animal Bedding Prices On The Rise

    Our animation outlines why BedKind won’t increase in price! Watch video

    All about BedKind

    BedKind was created with one goal in mind – to improve the health and happiness of animals. Choose BedKind for a happier, healthier horse. Watch video

    How to use BedKind

    To find out how you can make the warm, comfortable bed for your horse, watch our step-by-step video. Watch video

    Rebecca Drane | BedKind Q&A

    We chatted with BedKind Ambassador Rebecca Drane to find out what makes her tick! Watch video

    Eleanor Corkett | BedKind Q&A

    We caught up with BedKind Sales Executive Eleanor Corkett to discover just what makes her the perfect person for the job! Watch video

    Racing Down The Centre Line | BedKind Review

    Melissa Fuller tells us how BedKind bedding has changed her life during the first month! Watch video

    Pony Nuts | BedKind Review

    Gracie from Pony Nuts shares her experience of switching from shavings to BedKind cardboard bedding! Watch video

    Floral Equestrian | BedKind Review

    Maisy from Floral Equestrian guides us through her first muck out after a week of using BedKind Watch video

    Meeting the Members | Ebony Horse Club

    We spoke with Tuka, Omari and Zoe to discover what Ebony Horse Club means to them. Watch video

    David Fleming | Ebony Horse Club

    We spoke with Ebony Horse Club Engagement Manager David Fleming to hear his thoughts on the club's success. Watch video


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