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    How to get the most out of BedKind

    Bedding down and mucking out are all part of looking after your horse. With BedKind, you can make the whole process easy and efficient.

    To find out how you can make the warm, comfortable bed your horse deserves, simply watch our step-by-step video or follow our
    guide below. 


    Step 1 - Order your bedding

    Order BedKind online and we’ll deliver it to your door.

    Step 2 - Muck out the stable

    Thoroughly muck out the stable to make sure your fresh bedding isn’t going on top of dirty bedding.

    Step 3 - Cover the floor

    The amount of bedding you use to cover the floor will depend on the size of your stable. Typically, you’ll need 6 bags of BedKind to make a comfortable bed from scratch in a standard 12x12ft (3.65x3.65m) stable. Empty the 20kg bags of dust-extracted bedding into the stable, and spread the cardboard squares until the whole floor is covered.

    Step 4 - Make a comfortable bed

    Be generous and, for your horses' comfort, ensure that the entire stable floor is covered. Afterwards, make banks around the edge of your stable. This will help to prevent injuries to your horse and will eliminate any draughts.

    Step 5 - Remove and replace

    Because cardboard is highly absorbent, it can be cost effective as it requires you to muck out the stable less frequently. Typically, you’ll need to muck out and top up your stable every 5 to 7 days with approximately 1-2 bags.


    With BedKind, your horse can stay warm, dry and well-rested at night. If you need further assistance on how to use our product, contact us today. We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the properties of our cardboard bedding.




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