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    BedKind can also be bought from the following stores and stockists:

    AE Day & Son, Cambridgeshire

    Bearts of Stowbridge, Norfolk

    Broomfields Farm Equestrian & Country Store, Essex

    Cobbs Country Store, Nottinghamshire

    Collins Petfoods, Northampton

    Cooks Farm Shop, Leicester

    Donna Leigh Saddlery, West Midlands

    Dunne Animal Feeds, Essex

    efeed.co.uk, Oxfordshire

    Equine Essentials (Beech Farm), Caerphilly

    Equisupermarket, Hertfordshire

    Frank Inns Hay and Straw Equine Bedding, Oxfordshire

    GJW Titmuss, Hertfordshire

    Hazleton Country Supplies, Clanfield 

    Hill Agricultural Services, Berkshire

    Horse Requisites, Newmarket

    Hundleby Equestrian Centre, Lincolnshire

    Hunters Farm Shop, Buckinghamshire

    Marrowell Farm, Northampton

    Nick Nunn Equine Feed and Bedding, Suffolk

    NiMax Country Store, Cambridgeshire

    Pinwall Feeds, Warwickshire

    Red Horse Vale, Warwickshire

    Rollins Farm Supplies, Huntingdon

    Su-Bridge Pet Supplies, Norfolk

    TC Feeds & Tack Haven, Kensworth

    The Feed Shed, Warwickshire

    The Hungry Horse, Solihull

    Wadswick Country Store, Wiltshire

    Watermill Feeds, Warwickshire 

    Welland Valley Feeds, Leicestershire

    Widmer Feeds Country Store, Risborough

    Wrenns Feeds, Sussex 


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    Shop for the bedding your horse deserves

    If you would like to use animal bedding that’s kind to your horse, the environment and to you, look no further than BedKind. Buy now and ensure your horse is happy and healthy with a warm and dry bed. 

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    “Really impressed, just needed 1 extra bag to top up. 5*”
    More from our customers
    “BedKind has made mucking out so quick and easy.”
    More from our customers
    “I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
    More from our customers
    “Amazing bedding, awesome product and great service!”
    More from our customers
    “Our ponies absolutely love their BedKind beds.”
    More from our customers
    “We love BedKind for our horses and having used it we wouldn’t change to anything else! ”
    More from our customers
    “Fantastic bedding, I’m really impressed with how far it goes. ”
    More from our customers
    “We absolutely love BedKind, especially for horses who struggle with respiratory issues!”
    More from our customers
    “He loves the bed and his skin is great!”
    More from our customers
    “The low dust level is very helpful, and my muck heap is definitely smaller!”
    More from our customers
    “I am so impressed with this bedding!”
    More from our customers
    “Thank you BedKind for making bedding that is virtually dust-free!”
    More from our customers
    “I use this for my rats, and they love it!”
    More from our customers
    “I love this bedding, always easy to use!”
    More from our customers
    “We tried Bedkind sceptically as an alternative to shavings and straight away loved it!”
    More from our customers
    “All in all, excellent value for money, and a 5* performance! I'm converted!”
    More from our customers
    “It’s so absorbent plus it makes a lovely, warm, and fluffy bed!”
    More from our customers
    “I can't believe how absorbent it is, even with my messy cob!”
    More from our customers
    “The ease of mucking out was brilliant!”
    More from our customers
    “I can’t recommend BedKind enough, great product at a great price.”
    More from our customers
    “No dust, lightweight, and cheaper than other bedding!”
    More from our customers
    “Our mucking out time has halved, the beds remain big and soft, and the horses love sleeping on it!”
    More from our customers
    “It’s so easy to muck out saving me time to ride!! I wish I’d found your product a long time ago!”
    More from our customers
    “There’s never any dust in a bale of BedKind!”
    More from our customers
    “I'm amazed at how absorbent it is and how the wet stays in small patches”
    More from our customers
    “So far, I'm loving how absorbent the bedding is. ”
    More from our customers
    “Easiest & most convenient bedding to use!”
    More from our customers
    “I've been using BedKind on my yard for a year now and wouldn't go back!”
    More from our customers
    “Changed to BedKind last year - very clean and easy to use, and composts down well.”
    More from our customers
    “It's more cost-effective and produces less waste. I would definitely recommend BedKind.”
    More from our customers


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