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  • Why is BedKind better for horses with heaves?

    September 8 2017 | Insight

    Heaves, COPD, RAO – respiratory problems in horses have many names. So how does BedKind help reduce their symptoms?

    Horses experiencing breathing problems will suffer even more in dusty stables. Changing bedding can improve ventilation and make the environment better for horses with Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO), Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), or heaves.

    In a study by vets, it was found that changing from straw to cardboard can cut breathable dust by more than half – and seriously reduces any mould that might be making it harder for your horse to breathe.

    The British Horse Society agrees that cardboard is a good choice for horses suffering from breathing problems.

    Breathe easier with BedKind

    BedKind has been designed to make it easier for your horse to breathe.

    Cardboard is naturally less dusty than wood or straw, but BedKind is also dust-extracted before we bag it up, so that dust is kept to an absolute minimum.

    Our bedding is made from premium, food-safe cardboard – no inks, chemicals, water or other contaminants will aggravate your horse’s respiratory system.

    Breaking the mould

    The fact that it’s made with high quality cardboard limits the potential mould spores that sometimes infests other types of bedding, which can make it harder for horses to breathe.

    And because cardboard is so absorbent, it also prevents the build-up of mould and ammonia, alleviating symptoms for longer than other types of bedding.

    But it does more than just help your horse breathe more easily – take a look at BedKind’s other benefits, including its warmth, dryness, and how easy it is for you to use!


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