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  • What are the benefits of composting BedKind?

    May 25 2018 | Insight

    From compost to crop production, BedKind benefits your soil.

    BedKind spoke with James Lyttle – a qualified agronomist and crop inspector whose area of specialisation is small seed crops that have dietary health benefits for horses and humans alike.

    As an expert on all matters to do with soil quality and compost, the BedKind team has drawn on his expertise to explore the science behind why BedKind is a great addition to any compost heap.


    Above - James Lyttle

    How quickly does BedKind break down?

    BedKind composts much more quickly than other horse bedding materials, taking only around 12-14 weeks. Though cardboard, wood shavings, and straw are all ultimately made from plant material, the cardboard contains much less lignin – the substance in plant cells that makes trees hard.

    Why should I compost BedKind?

    Cardboard and equine manure are great organic matter for inclusion in compost heaps. Used cardboard bedding is a good source of nutrients, minerals, and soil conditioners. Compost that includes BedKind will improve the water-holding and nutrient-holding capacity of your soil, as well as its biological activity and structural stability.

    How will composted BedKind improve my soil?

    Organic manure that includes cardboard will hold a lot of key nutrients, including magnesium, manganese, phosphate, potash, and valuable amounts of crop-available sulphur. For most arable crops, using this kind of fertiliser can supply all of the soil’s phosphate and potash requirements.

    Can I use compost with cardboard in it on organic crops?

    Yes – in an organic farming system, cardboard is an excellent addition to your compost. It can suppress weeds, retain more moisture, and add to the organic matter already present in your soil, making it ideal for inclusion in composts for organic crop production.

    So whether you’re a farmer or just a keen gardener, using your horse’s BedKind in your compost will have many benefits for the soil your plants are growing in.

    How does using BedKind benefit you and your horses?

    BedKind is brilliant because it means a smaller muck heap, so the muck trailer needs emptying far less often, which saves me a job! I have been using BedKind for my own horses since January. It is dust-free and the most absorbent bedding I have ever seen or used. The horses sleep comfortably and seem to like it. It has also been great to use straight on grass in a field shelter over the winter, so the horses living out get a nice cosy bed too!

    If you have any other questions about how BedKind can improve your compost, soil, or crops, please get in touch by using our handy contact form, giving us a quick call on 01234 862169, or emailing us via info@bedkind.co.uk.

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