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  • The ups and downs of deep littering

    September 15 2017 | Insight

    You don’t have to muck out as much – but what are the other benefits or downfalls of deep littering?

    Bedding down and mucking out are part and parcel of caring for your horse. But what’s the best way to go about it?

    You could clear the stable as often as you usually do, or you could give deep littering a try.

    What is deep litter?

    Deep litter bedding means that you don’t muck out the stable completely every time. Instead, you remove droppings every day, and add a clean layer of bedding. The clean bedding on top is what your horse lies on, and there’s a deep, supporting bed underneath.

    Deep littering doesn’t really come with any more rules than that. Different stables, different horses, and different types of bedding will react – you guessed it – differently.

    Some owners will fully muck out once or twice a week; some have developed their own systems that, they say, last for years!

    The upsides

    Deep littering can be much more convenient for stable owners – not just because you can get on with other yard jobs instead of mucking out.

    It can be more economical, because you’ll use less bedding by allowing a deep layer to build up.

    The thick layer of bedding can also keep your horse warmer in the winter. It can also help your horse’s feet – some owners have reported that it helps prevent hock sores.

    The drawbacks

    It might not work out for you if you don’t have a tidy horse.

    There will be more bed to muck out when you finally clear the stable completely!

    If you don’t build up banks at the side of the bed, your horse can be at risk of getting cast. Make sure you maintain the sides properly.

    And remember, even highly absorbent cardboard bedding can only absorb so much. For your horse’s comfort, you need to keep an eye on the situation in here. Leaving the bed for too long will make your horse uncomfortable, and if it’s too wet, it might even stain your horse’s coat.

    Why is BedKind good for deep littering?

    Cardboard is highly absorbent, so it reduces moisture levels in the bed, keeping your horse warm and dry.

    It also locks away the smell of ammonia and reduces mould growth. Between the dryness and the lack of dust, you really will breathe more easily.

    Cardboard bedding also keeps its structure when wet, so it’s much easier to muck out when the time comes – and it composts quickly, breaking down in as little as 8 weeks, so it’s great for the garden, too.

    Interested in using BedKind for deep litter? Get in touch to order your pallets today!


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