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    April 3 2018 | News

    It’s time for spring to do its thing

    We’re over March’s sudden flurries of snow, the weather’s getting warm enough to go for longer hacks, and we’re crossing our fingers that summer is finally around the corner.

    Daylight Savings Time kicked in at the end of March, giving us an extra hour of sunlight every day, allowing horse owners across the country to get out into the fresh air.

    Here are some ideas for what you could do with the extra hour of sunlight we’re getting now it’s spring!

    Spring clean your stable

    Winter brings plenty of challenges, not least because you have to prioritise your horse during the hours that the sun is shining – which might mean your yard can be a little messier and muddier than you’d like it to be.

    The longer April days – especially during the Easter holidays! – are a great time to tidy up your stable. Organising your equipment rooms will make the rest of the summer run more smoothly, because you’ll know where everything is!

    It’s not just good for your equipment and your yard, it’s better for your horse’s health and wellbeing, too. A deep clean will improve your horse’s ability to breathe in their stable by clearing out any dust that might have built up over the winter.

    Don’t just muck out your horse’s bed – clear everything out and have a proper scrub down. Brush out the cobwebs, get dust out of the corners, and hose down the floor early in the day so that it has time to dry before you lay a new bed.

    If you’ve been deep littering, spring is an ideal time to change out the bed for all-new material (make sure you have enough BedKind to make the bed before you get started!).

    BedKind composts fully within about 8-12 weeks, so it’ll break down quickly on your springtime muckheap, too.

    Spring into the saddle

    If the weather in March kept your horse in the stable for longer than you’d have liked, the start of spring is a great time to plan some longer hacks. Between the longer days and the better weather, take the time to get out in the fresh air! You could get a group of friends together to ride some bridleways, or take your horse out solo for some bonding time.

    If hacking in the winter kept you to familiar routes because of the weather, or meant that you weren’t out for very long before twilight set in, take the opportunity to look up local bridle paths and riding routes that might take you a bit further afield. Your horse will get the chance to stretch their legs and you’ll benefit from spending more time together.

    Springtime can be almost as muddy as winter, though, so take care on new paths. And although the sun might be stronger, you should still wear reflective clothing to ensure you’re visible. If you haven’t already, invest in decent high-vis gear for your horse as well as yourself.

    Spruce up your tack

    Now that the weather’s a bit better, clean off the winter’s mud and shine up your leather. Competition season is starting, but even if you’re not competing, it’s always nice to see your horse looking their best.

    Leather can age quickly if it’s allowed to stay damp, or if it gets dirty and dusty in a tackroom. Regularly wiping it down with a damp cloth and applying leather conditioner can preventing cracking and extend the lifespan of your tack, so it’s worth taking the time to do it.   

    Polishing your buckles is also a great opportunity to check for wear and tear on your tack. If there are any obvious cracks or tears in the leather, you might want to think about repairing or even replacing your tack.

    So now you’ve sorted your stable, your tack, and found some new routes to ride – get out there and enjoy the warmer weather with your horse!


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