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  • Sam Turner & Billy Whiz trial BedKind for GB Rider Magazine

    August 1 2018 | Insight

    I’m grateful  to have been given a pallet of the Bedkind for Billy Whiz to trial and here’s my feedback.

    I am very particular about my horse care and with Billy being 17 years old and a heavy boy with lots of feather, mane , tail and white competing at Grand Prix, the right bedding is paramount. He has been known to get cast, so big banks that don’t move along with anti roll strips are a must for him!

    So far this bedding has proven to be a big plus already: I started off with a clean washed out stable and then added 7 bales of Bedkind. This gave a very generous bed with large solid banks and a very thick middle.  No dust at all.  During the first week the banks haven’t fallen down or  moved;   Billy has no bedding in his feather, tail or mane and he will roll every morning after breakfast as well as lay down at night( mainly in poo).

    There’s no smell... the urine seems to stay in one place so little bedding needs removing and I feel it doesn’t need to be taken out every 5 minutes like shavings. So far I have put a bale in a week and this works well.  I have taken the wet out when I feel it needs it - maybe once a week.

    So the plus points  

    No bed hair - no dust whatsoever - no smell - less wet and less needs removing - banks stay up - lighter and quicker to muck out - lighter in the wheel barrow - Cheaper than other bedding - less bedding needed each week - bags of bedding easier to handle and undo - Bedkind staff friendly, super helpful and efficient.

    Minus points

    It does stick a little more to the dung so you do take a little more out with the horse but this does balance out well as you take out less wet.

    You do need a deep bed to start, again this is advised in Bedkind’s videos and feedback.


    I have been very happy with Bedkind over the last month and have decided to put my other two horses onto it along with a few liveries.

    So thank you for my trial, it’s been good to try something new that works.

    If you have any other questions about how BedKind please get in touch by using our handy contact form, giving us a quick call on 01234 862169, or emailing us via info@bedkind.co.uk.

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