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    April 17 2019 | Insight

    Horses stables are notoriously dusty - from hay and feed, to the tack room and trailer. As a horse owner you will not only be familiar with the daily struggle of keeping your yard free from dust, but more importantly the health problems that can affect your horse.

    The challenge

    Diseases caused by dust, such as Recurrent Airway Obstruction (RAO) typically occur in horses that are stabled more often. The common allergic triggers for respiratory problems are mould, dust, and bacteria found in hay and straw.

    It’s not only dust that can cause health issues. The very same thing that gives you that burning feeling in your nose as you’re mucking out boxes can also be potentially harmful to your horse’s lungs. Ammonia is a pungent smelling, highly flammable gas, that is caused by a urine build up in the stable. Aside from the unpleasant smell, ammonia damages the delicate tissues of the respiratory system and can in turn result in issues with your horse’s wellbeing.

    Studies have suggested that as many as 50% of stabled horses suffer from at least one form of respiratory disease, which shows how challenging controlling both dust and ammonia levels can be.

    The solution

    In a study by vets, it was found that changing from straw to cardboard bedding can cut breathable dust by more than half. The British Horse Society also agrees that cardboard is a great choice for horses suffering from breathing problems.

    BedKind was created with the health and wellbeing of horses in mind, so it really can help to make it easier for your horse to breathe.

    Cardboard is less dusty than wood or straw, but BedKind is also dust-extracted before being bagged, meaning dust is kept to an absolute minimum. Our bedding is made from premium, food-safe cardboard – no inks, chemicals, water or other contaminants will aggravate your horse’s respiratory system. It also prevents the build-up of mould and ammonia.

    Above - BedKind's four-stage dust-extraction in action, Below - Extracted dust

    The benefits

    Since the launch of BedKind in 2017 we’ve helped our customers give their horses the bedding they deserve, and here’s what some of them had to say…

    "I first started using BedKind for my very wet traditional cob. I have asthma, and find shavings aren’t great for me! I can't believe how absorbent it is, even with my messy cob, and my breathing is so much better! I would never go back to shavings now!"

    Gemma Calladine – Leicestershire

    "I’m very happy with BedKind. It’s less dusty than shavings; I can spread it out in the stable and it doesn’t leave a hint of dust on the surface of my horse's water. It’s easy to muck out, and best of all, it doesn’t stick to rugs. My vet was so impressed when he saw my BedKind that he asked where I’d got it from! I’d definitely recommend this bedding to anyone. It’s great to handle, and great for your horse’s health!"

    Diana Boughton - Monmouthshire

    "I absolutely love BedKind, I’m definitely a convert! I can still give the horses big beds, but my muck outs are quicker, and it dries fast and smells so much better! One of my horses struggles with dust and his breathing is so much better since we changed to BedKind.”

    Laura Johnson - Northamptonshire

    In fact, in 2018 alone we not only sold enough bedding to give over 7,000 horses a more comfortable night’s sleep, we extracted more than 4,800kg of dust from our bedding before it was even bagged! Not only that, more than 92% of our surveyed customers rated both BedKind’s dust-extraction and absorbency as either ‘good’ or ‘very good’!

    BedKind bedding does so much more than just help your horse breathe more easily – take a look at BedKind’s other benefits, including its heat retention properties, ease of use, and cost efficiencies!

    If you have any questions about BedKind please get in touch by using our handy contact form, giving us a call on 01234 862169, or emailing us via info@bedkind.co.uk.

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