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  • A BedKind Testimonial from Katy Marriott-Payne

    November 27 2018 | Insight

    We interviewed Katy Marriott-Payne, leading producer of native ponies, about her experience of using BedKind at the #TeamKMP pony yard in Northamptonshire, UK.

    Katy has been around horses for as long as she can remember, and started to produce for the show ring at the age of 20. Her yard has built up alongside her business – it now sits on 12 acres of countryside, and is home to 15 ponies each season.

    Tell us about one of your ponies on BedKind!

    I have a pony called Cadlanvalley Sandpiper – he’s actually the reason I was looking for alternative bedding. He’s a pony that I’ve worked with for about eight years now. He came to me as an unbroken three-year-old, and we’ve had a massive amount of success with him. He’s won at Horse of the Year Show twice, he’s won nearly every major show in the country, and he’s the current reigning Supreme Olympia Champion – but he’s notoriously filthy in his stable.

    We have tried him on everything!

    Have you noticed any improvements since switching to BedKind?

    We have a couple of ponies that have had respiratory problems, particularly an older pony who had been on straw most of his life. The vet advised that we put him on cardboard bedding and it’s been fantastic for him.

    What are your favourite things about BedKind?

    My favourite things about BedKind are:

    • It’s very easy to order – you can literally order it online and pay for it, and it comes within a couple of days from a really lovely delivery man.
    • He puts it exactly where we need it to go so we don’t even have to handle it!
    • When we do need to handle it, it’s extremely light – very easy to carry and move around the yard.
    • It’s cost-effective, not too expensive.
    • It’s very absorbent, so we don’t need to use too much bedding per week.
    • I love the fact that it doesn’t leave an odour, so the stables smell really fresh, not dusty – and even when the bedding needs changing, it still has a nice, clean smell to it.

    To find out more about Katy and her ponies watch the full video here, and shop now to experience BedKind bedding for yourself!

    If you have any other questions about BedKind please get in touch by using our handy contact form, giving us a quick call on 01234 862169, or emailing us via info@bedkind.co.uk.

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