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  • How can BedKind help a horse with equine flu?

    February 12 2019 | Insight

    With 174 racing yards being tested for flu, a number of cases confirmed, and racing on hold until Wednesday at the earliest, you’ve probably heard that there’s equine flu in the racing community. 

    Here’s what to do if you think your horse might have caught equine flu, and how BedKind can help alleviate your horse’s symptoms.

    What is equine influenza?

    Equine influenza, sometimes known as ‘horse flu’ or ‘equine flu’, is an illness similar to the flu virus that humans catch. The equine influenza virus can spread quickly – it has a short incubation time, with horses sometimes showing symptoms the day after infection, and it’s spread by coughs and sneezes from horses who’ve already caught it, which is why events are on hold.

    What are the symptoms of horse flu?

    Symptoms include:

    • a dry, hacking cough
    • very high temperatures of between 39°C and 41°C
    • loss of appetite
    • swollen glands under the jaw
    • redness around the eyes
    • depressed behaviour
    • discharge from the eyes and nose
    • filling of the lower limbs

    Some of the symptoms can linger – the fever often lasts between 1 and 3 days, but the cough can last for a number of weeks.

    If you suspect your horse has equine flu, get in touch with your vet. The virus spreads so fast that you need to follow rigorous isolation procedures and observe strict hygiene, especially if you have other horses in your stables.

    How can I help my horse when they have equine flu?

    Your horse will want to be tucked up somewhere According to the British Horse Society:

    “There is no direct treatment that can be used against the virus. Instead, like people, horses will require rest in order to recuperate. The environment the horse is kept in should be as dust-free as possible to ensure the respiratory system is not further compromised. It can take several weeks for the horse to recover and return to full health.”

    For further information on vaccinations and equine flu, check out their leaflet here.

    Vets recommend that you keep your horse in a well-ventilated environment and switch to dust-free bedding, to limit your horse’s exposure to dust and spores. The cough, swollen glands, and nasal discharge will make it harder for your horse to breathe easily, and their lungs will be irritated by any dust, which can put them at risk of secondary infections from damaged tissue.

    How can BedKind help with horse flu symptoms?

    BedKind is perfect for horses suffering from equine flu because it’s virtually free from dust. Cardboard helps to prevent the build-up of mould spores, and locks away the smell of ammonia, which is kind on your poorly horse’s lungs.

    BedKind is highly absorbent, making it ideal for a stable in which your horse needs to spend a lot of time while they rest up! It will help to keep your horse dry, and reduces the chance your horse will be standing wet, which is the environment in which bacteria thrive. The structure of the corrugated cardboard also means that it’s excellent at regulating heat, so your horse will stay warm throughout their recovery period.

    BedKind is also great for you, as it’s easy to muck out, so your horse doesn’t need to spend much time outside the stable while you clear out any damp patches, and it’s cost-effective, too.

    You can trust us to deliver BedKind to horses who need it, whether they have equine flu or not, because we ensure our delivery lorry is scrubbed down with antibacterial and antiviral washes to limit the chance of any potential cross-contamination.

    To ensure your horses have the dust-free environment they deserve, shop now!

    Our most recent testimonials show just how low in dust BedKind is:

    “Thank you BedKind for making bedding that is virtually dust-free! My horse can now breathe clean, dust-free air in her stable, and has a lovely fluffy bed to sleep on at night to rest!”

    Megan Oliver – Northamptonshire

    If you have any other questions about BedKind, please get in touch by using our handy contact form, giving us a quick call on 01234 862169, or emailing us at info@bedkind.co.uk.


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