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    March 6 2019 | Insight

    I’m Andrea, and I’ve owned horses for over 25 years. Previously, I always had them on straw or shavings, but one of my horses is elderly, and was suffering with a cough and snotty nose, which was making him quite poorly. The vet said that this was due to the dust on his straw bed, and advised me to consider an alternative.

    Shavings were not an option for me, as I find they get too wet, and after one or two nights they change colour and just look dirty. They’re also pretty expensive! I didn’t know there was an alternative until I started looking. BedKind was recommended to me after I asked about different types of bedding on my Instagram account, and when I looked into it further, the benefits spoke for themselves.

    BedKind were ‘kind’ enough (see what I did there?!) to send me some bedding for a trial. What struck me first was how helpful the team were, and how knowledgeable they were too. The delivery was super easy, I left instructions of where I wanted the bedding in the hay barn, and it arrived neatly packed on a palette. I was super impressed, and couldn’t wait to get my first bed down!

    It’s recommended that you use 6 bales to establish your bed, and then you only need 1-2 bales per week to keep it topped up. Having used BedKind for a couple of months now, I’ve found that it’s easy to use, has cut down on my mucking out time, and most importantly, no coughs or snotty noses for my horses! Plus, it’s 100% compostable, so no need to worry about the impact your bedding might have on the environment.

    I’m so pleased I made the switch and can’t wait to test BedKind further!

    To find out more about Andrea and her horses, check her out on Instagram, and YouTube, @mud_on_my_mulberry. 

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