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  • Compostable bedding could save farmers a fortune | BedKind benefit #4

    October 2 2019 | Insight

    When managed properly, horse manure can be a valuable resource. The average horse goes to the toilet between 4 and 13 times each day, amounting to almost 9 tonnes of manure a year. However, manure isn’t the only thing being removed when stables are cleaned - in fact, wet bedding material can equate to almost twice the volume of the manure itself. This means your horse could be producing more than 12 tonnes of waste, per stable, per year!

    The challenge – a mountain of horse manure

    We’ve all been there, the muck heap is full again. Unsurprisingly horses produce a lot of waste - equivalent to 30 times their own weight. According to the latest statistics there are 847,000 horses here in the UK, which means that horse owners must deal with more than 10 billion kg of waste annually.

    Managing such a high volume of waste can be time consuming. On average horse owners can spend 90 minutes a week, or 78 hours per year, mucking out a single horse! If you have several horses, it’s easy to see the importance of having methods in place to manage waste daily.

    The solution – how to dispose of horse manure?

    Not only does research show that cardboard bedding benefits your soil, you’ll also make significant savings in your day-to-day stable management.

    BedKind bedding is great for composting because it breaks down much more quickly than other bedding materials and contains a lot of the nutrients important for crops. But, we wanted to know the benefits it had on soil quality, so we sent off a sample of a muck-heap where BedKind had been composting for a detailed analysis. We found that cardboard helps in organic farming and the garden; supporting soil water retention, and microbiological activity that nurtures crops as they grow.

    The laboratory said:

    “BedKind cardboard bedding used in organic crop production will help farmers in suppressing weeds, retaining moisture, and adding organic matter to the soil.”

    This means that in the UK alone, utilising cardboard bedding as a substitute for conventional fertiliser materials, farmers could save more than £15,000 each per annum - nationwide.

    Because of BedKind’s highly absorbent characteristics, our customers say they spend a fraction of the time mucking out compared with traditional bedding that they used to use. On average, users spend as little as five minutes each day removing wet bedding, and only 10-15 minutes weekly for a full muck-out. This means in the last year alone we could’ve saved our customers 39 hours in mucking out time per horse.

    You can find out more about the benefits of composting BedKind here.

    Above - Rebecca Drane

    The benefits – what do our customers say?

    Our cardboard bedding is scientifically proven to benefit organic crop farming. But don’t just take our word for it - read what our customers have to say

    “Not only is it virtually dust-free, but it’s a game-changer with mucking out, it literally takes me half the time.”

    Chloe Spray – Nottinghamshire

    “We will possibly spend a little more each month on bedding costs, but we will save money in the long run because our muck heap won't need removing so often, plus I won't be spending time and diesel going to get straw and shavings from the local suppliers.”

    Kelly Sargent – Oxfordshire

    Changing to BedKind has been one of the smartest moves we’ve made - not only have we saved money in time, labour, and on the muck heap, we also don’t need to worry about dust levels like with other bedding types.“

    Lauren Brill Equestrian – Northamptonshire

    Above – Lauren Brill Equestrian

    Give your horse the bedding it deserves

    This year alone, 98% of our customers said they would recommend BedKind to a friend!

    BedKind bedding doesn’t just benefit your soil, it has a wide range of benefits such as its high absorbency, natural insulation, ease of use, and cost efficiencies! Find out more here.

    If you have any other questions about how BedKind can improve your compost, soil, or crops, please get in touch by using our handy contact form, giving us a quick call on 01234 862169, or emailing us via info@bedkind.co.uk

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