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    December 8 2017 | Insight

    What do you get the horse who has everything? BedKind!

    You might not be hanging up a stocking in your horse’s stable, but it’s still nice to treat them at Christmas. They say that Christmas is about giving, not getting, and that’s as true for your horse as it is for humans!

    Here’s the BedKind guide to the top ten presents to get your horse this Christmas.


    Of course, we think the best thing you can get for your horse is a warm, dry, virtually dust-free bed that’ll help them breathe more easily and keep them comfortable during the winter months.

    Our bedding is made from corrugated cardboard, which has a ‘flute’ – a wavy line of paper – that runs through the middle of the cardboard, trapping warmth close to your horse.

    BedKind has been designed with your horse’s health and happiness in mind, so buy them the bedding they deserve this Christmas.

    Turnout rug

    If you want your horse to stay warm outside the stable this winter, a new turnout rug will ensure they stay dry and cosy while they exercise. This turnout rug from Weatherbeeta covers your horse’s neck and boasts a memory foam wither relief pad that shapes itself to your horse and prevents rubbing on the withers.

    Horse Advent Calendar

    Every day in the countdown to Christmas, the Hatchwells Horse Advent Calendar advent calendar gives you a carob and peppermint treat for your horse. Carob is a popular pet-friendly substitute for chocolate, made from the carob plant – a relative of the garden pea.

    Carr & Day & Martin Lavender Liniment

    If your horse’s muscles get a little stiff in the cold, the Lavender Liniment can warm up their muscles and joints before exercise. It can also be diluted as a refreshing rinse – and with scents of menthol, arnica, witch hazel, rosemary and spike lavender, your horse will smell heavenly.

    Treats Selection Box

    ’Tis the season when the rest of us will be eating our favourite Christmas treats, so why not buy a selection box for your horse? The Likit Selection Box contains five tasty treats – and a game, so the humans in your life get something too!


    Santa can visit your horse or pony this Christmas in the form of this tasty carob and peppermint treat, also from Hatchwell’s. It’s free from cocoa, wheat, and gluten.

    Tongue Twister

    The Likit Tongue Twister can be fixed to your stable wall, a fence, or even inside your horse box, to give your horse something to play with wherever they are. The toy contains Likit treats, and it spins as your horse licks it, ensuring they’re kept entertained while they eat.

    Carr & Day & Martin Dreamcoat

    Have your horse look their best this Christmas with Carr & Day & Martin’s Dreamcoat, which gives your horse’s coat a gorgeous, glossy finish. It sprays on to your horse’s coat in a fine mist, which you then brush over their body, mane and tail, for a high shine finish that highlights their muscle definition ahead of shows.  


    These ShowQuest Christmas Antlers will allow your horse to let out their inner Rudolph when you’re taking them out for a ride.

    Newmarket Grooming Kit

    Of course, no Christmas would be complete without a new grooming kit. The Horseware Rambo Newmarket Grooming Kit includes a hoof pick, curry comb, sweat scraper, and brushes for your horse’s face, body, mane and tail. You can even choose what colour you want, to match the rest of your horse’s tack.


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