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    August 21 2020 | News

    Our BedKind expert, Eleanor Lyttle, welcomed not 1 but 3 new arrivals at her home in Northamptonshire after she has said goodbye to her Connemara pony, Billy.

    Having owned Billy for the past three years, it was time for him to find a new family to love. He arrived a scruffy and scared three-year-old straight from Ireland and virtually unhandled - we didn’t dare to take off his headcollar for the first six months in case we never caught him again!

    Over the past three years, Billy turned into the most loving natured pony who would give his all to please. We have enjoyed working with him, giving him a solid all-round education and seeing him transform. He’s been a pleasure to have around and take out to competitions - dressage, showjumping, working hunter and showing.

    Now, he is living with a lovely family near the seaside, so hopefully, he’ll get a few trips to the beach as well. It was a sad day saying goodbye as he was such a character but I’m sure he’ll do us proud.

    While looking for a young pony to play with and educate, my husband and I found the lovely Clarkstown Freida aka Freida - a yearling Connemara filly not too far away from home. Her mother is a previous Connemara pony breed show champion and her father has produced some talented ponies, so our hopes are high!

    Over the winter, I will be spending some time getting to know her and I may take her to a few shows next year, so she sees a bit of ‘life’. The plan is to eventually break her in to be ridden.

    After agreeing on the purchase of Freida, I spotted a two-year-old Highland pony (my absolute favourite breed, much to my husband Jamie’s disgust!) and made the phone call to enquire. The next day, a deal was made, so we had two baby ponies due to arrive.

    Rosamund of Nova Foresta aka Beryl has had very little handling so far, so we will spend lots of time teaching her about life - having rugs on, leading in-hand, how to tie up and standing quietly for grooming. I plan to show her in-hand next year, then we will break her in to ride.


    Freida and Beryl have become the best of friends, living out in the fields together. We catch them every day for a quick groom and to practice picking out their feet, which they are both quickly learning to accept. Both seem to be very friendly and have nice temperaments, which bodes well for the future.

    At this point, I’ve already bought one too many ponies than planned. Fortunate for me, we’ve spotted another one in a local advert and just couldn’t resist the lovely three-year-old Connemara pony called Lola aka St. Clerans Redpark Beauty who has already been backed.

    Lola became the final new addition to the BedKind HQ and I have been very excited getting to know her. She seems to enjoy jumping so we’re hoping she will be ready for shows and dressage in 2021. Once stronger and more mature, she will begin showjumping and cross-country schooling too.

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    If you have any questions about BedKind please get in touch by using our handy contact form, giving us a call on 01234 862169, or emailing us via info@bedkind.co.uk.

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