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    March 14 2018 | News

    The BedKind team is delighted to announce that in February and March 2018, we supported Ebony Horse Club, a community riding centre based in Brixton, by donating pallets of our bedding and volunteering to help the day-to-day care of the centre’s horses.

    Ebony Horse Club’s mission is, in its own words, “to raise the education, life skills, well-being and aspirations of young people growing up in some of the most disadvantaged communities in south London”. Brixton has one of the UK’s highest rates of child poverty, and Ebony Horse Club provides around 140 local young people with opportunities to learn life skills like teamwork, commitment, respect, and empathy, as well as learning to ride and care for horses.

    The health and happiness of animals is at the heart of everything we do – but BedKind’s mission is to ‘be kind’ to the people who look after animals, too. That’s why, to support this amazing cause, BedKind delivered two pallets (forty bags) of bedding to the riding school on 19 February, which will provide for the school’s horses for a few weeks. Our bedding has benefits for people as well as horses, which is why we wanted to share and support the school’s volunteers – but we also donated our time as well as our bedding.

    BedKind is easy to use, and its unique properties mean that it locks away moisture, and prevents the build-up of mould, odours, and ammonia, which is ideal when it needs to be used in large quantities. It’s also easy to muck out, and composts very quickly, so it’s a benefit for stables with multiple horses to care for – and for the BedKind team, who followed up on the bedding donation by visiting the site to lend a hand around the yard.

    The BedKind team visited Ebony on 8 March to find out more about the school, its nine horses, and its members – around 120 of whom visit Ebony every week. Following the delivery of another pallet (20 bags) in the morning of 8 March, the team helped out around the riding school by bedding down the stables with brand-new BedKind bedding and helping the volunteers to organise their stabling equipment.

    Eleanor Corkett, BedKind Sales Executive, said:

    “BedKind is driven to ‘be kind’ to animals and people, so we’re thrilled to be supporting the amazing efforts of Ebony Horse Club, who are giving so many important life skills to young people in one of the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the London.”

    David Fleming, Engagement Manager at Ebony Horse Club, said:

    “Thank you to the BedKind team for supporting the work that we do here at Ebony – it’s great to see businesses backing our mission to give local young people the chance to gain experiences outside the box of negative stereotypes, and benefit from the life-changing influence that contact with horses can bring.”

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