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  • BedKind Bucks Trend, Freezing Prices While the Industry Increases Animal Bedding Costs

    August 6 2018 | News

    Amid rising prices across the animal bedding industry, we’re delighted to announce that BedKind animal bedding will not be increasing in cost.

    With warnings being issued in the UK equine market over the alarming scale of cost increases due to a shortage of wood and straw for bedding this year, many animal bedding suppliers have had to increase their prices. However, our stock and supply is in sustainable abundance thanks to our in-house packaging manufacturing process, all based in Bedfordshire in the UK.

    Many horse owners who have been loyal to certain brands may need to re-consider their bedding brand due to lack of availability and impending price hikes.

    “We make our premium bedding from clean recycled cardboard, using off cuts of packaging from our parent company DS Smith, who manufacture over 15 billion cardboard boxes each year, so availability is not an issue for us.

    “We are not reliant on external suppliers or impacted by weather conditions, which makes it a safe and reliable option for horse owners all year-round, commented Eleanor Corkett, Bedding Expert for BedKind.

    “For those horse owners who use shavings and straw it is a good idea to start reviewing your stable management and bedding supplies to ensure you find a reliable and suitable bedding option favourable to your horses.”

    Research reported by The British Horse Society* showed that the average price of shavings was between £6.50 – £8 per bale, and that annually owners need to purchase approximately 52-104 bales per year dependant on usage. If prices increase substantially as proclaimed by the market, this could have a big impact on equine businesses and horse owners purse strings.

    A cost comparison of shavings versus BedKind bedding shows that not only would prices not change for BedKind purchasers, but in fact British horse owners could save up to £300 per year alone just by switching. On average shavings are likely to cost between £464 - £880 per year whereas BedKind is significantly lower and between £309 - £586 annually.

    “It’s not just about cost savings, as the health and wellbeing of animals is at the heart of everything we do. We have Olympic riders and vets coming to us seeking advice, as we are committed to providing affordable, high-quality, healthy bedding.

    “Our bedding is dust extracted, 100% compostable and has natural ventilation and thermal qualities.

    With the added benefit of being more affordable than traditional bedding brands, we believe BedKind is the premium, dependable bedding of the future for the equine industry.”

    Research findings & calculations:

    *Annual cost of bedding calculated from The British Horse Society report entitled 'The Cost of Keeping a Horse or Pony'. www.bhs.org.uk

    BedKind Shavings

    £5.33 (maximum price per 20kg bale, excluding VAT)

    6 bales to set up.
    1 - 2 bales per week top up.
    52 - 104 bales per year + 6 to set up = 58 - 110 maximum bales x £5.33

    £8.00 (maximum price per 20kg bale, excluding VAT)

    6 bales to set up
    1 - 2 bales per week top up
    52 - 104 bales per year + 6 to set up = 58 - 110 maximum bales x £8.00

    = £309.14 - £586.30 per year = £464 - £880 per year

     Overall price saving difference per year between £154.86 – £293.70

    Find out more about why straw & shavings cost more than ever

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