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  • A New Arrival at BedKind HQ

    February 18 2019 | News

    Following a fond farewell to BedKind's very own Eleanor’s pony Paddy as he departed to pastures new, she blogs about why it was time for Paddy to find a new home, and who she’s welcoming in to her yard this year.

    Paddy heads off to pastures new

    It’s always a hard decision, whether you should give your pony the chance to have a new owner and experience new things. Paddy (Blakehill Admiral) was with me for just over two years, and during that time he has been showing, hacking, jumping and hunting.

    His best results include wins at County shows and qualifying for the prestigious Royal International Horse Show, where we came 6th at the final. We also achieved a lifelong dream of getting a photograph in the Horse and Hound magazine!

    But after those two years, it was time for me to flex my training muscles again with a younger, less experienced pony. It’s nice to see what they grow into, and how they turn out – I purchased my other Highland, Lily, as a yearling, and she’s now 4.

    Paddy turned out brilliantly, and I’m delighted that he has gone to a lovely new home, near Manchester, where he will do a bit of hacking, showing and dressage with his new owner.

    Our new arrival – Dory

    Dory – full name Kadlee Rosemary – is 7 months old, and in a way she’s a birthday present to myself! I like to have a youngster just to play around with at home and show a little bit in-hand.

    Dory is a Highland pony whose mother, Thyme, was bred and lived in Scotland until she was sold to Buckinghamshire, in foal. Dory was born in April 2018 and attended Royal Windsor Horse Show at just a month old! She’s currently dun in colour – I’m hoping she will stay dun, but you never know if they will grey out. Her father is grey but her mother is bay, so we shall see!

    Pony plans for 2019

    Plans for Dory this year include going to some in-hand shows, as well as just living a life of luxury with my other native ponies, Lily the Highland and Billy the Connemara!

    I want Dory to attend at least one foal show before Christmas – hopefully she’ll take everything in her stride! She already leads quite well as her breeders have taken time and handled her from when she was born. We have had a practice already walking and trotting round the paddock!

    My plans for later in 2019 involved taking Dory to some summer shows, and teaching her about having a rug on, how to be good for the farrier, having a bath, how to tie up- all basic things we take for granted with older horses!

    When she gets to four years old, I’ll break her in to ride. I’m looking forward to being able to compete her in ridden showing classes, as well as lots of hacking and possibly a little bit of dressage.

    I’m really looking forward to going on this learning journey with Dory. No doubt you’ll see a lot of her on BedKind’s Instagram – check it out here!

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