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    Wood Shavings Price Hikes – the Last Straw?

    You might have heard that the price of horse bedding is on the rise – but only for bedding made of wood shavings and straw.

    You don’t need to worry about a shortage of good quality bedding. BedKind isn’t affected by seasonal changes – it’s made from new, dust-extracted cardboard offcuts from packaging production, so we’re not affected by the weather!

    There won’t be any sudden shortages of BedKind so you’ll always be able to get your hands on our bedding, and you can trust us to keep our competitive prices the same. According to The British Horse Society report entitled 'The Cost of Keeping a Horse or Pony', British horse owners could save up to £300 per year alone just by switching to BedKind. On average shavings are likely to cost between £464 - £880 per year whereas BedKind is significantly lower and between £309 - £586 annually.

    Your horse can stay warm, dry, and fully rested all year round.

    Wood and straw bedding costs on the rise

    Find out why the cost of bedding made from wood and straw is more expensive than ever.

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    Better bedding all year round

    Find out how switching to BedKind could save you nearly £

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    The last straw

    Our animation highlights why BedKind is the perfect bedding solution - no seasonal shortages and no sudden price increases.

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    Shop for the bedding your horse deserves

    BedKind was created with kindness in mind – it’s kind to your horse, the environment, and to you. You can trust us to stay competitively priced so that you can give your horse the bedding it deserves all year round.

    You could save up to £300 per year alone just by switching to BedKind.

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