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    Animal Ambassadors

    Our Animal Ambassadors enjoy horsing around, spending time with their riders, and getting a great night’s sleep on the bedding they deserve.



    I’m Smashie, and I’m a miniature American Shetland. I may be only 8 hands, but my bold, cheeky personality means I’m larger than life! The humans who walk by my stable can’t resist my small talk and my long blond locks – I like to whinny until I get my way, or until people give me carrots and treats!

    I do a bit of everything, including jumping. My mum, BedKind Rider Ambassador Rebecca Drane, particularly likes to dress me up – as well as Halloween and Christmas outfits, I’ve been part of a wedding dress modelling shoot with the carriage I pull around the village.

    I really want to thank my mum for putting me on the best bedding. I used to struggle with my breathing, but since my mum switched to BedKind, I don’t even cough! And because it’s virtually dust-free, it doesn’t stick to me or leave my coat dusty.

    My favourite thing about BedKind is how comfy it is – I like to really snuggle my head into the banks before I lie down!


    Hi! My name is Dorian Gray K, but you can call me Moley. I’m a 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood by Special D, and I have an established Elementary record in Holland.

    I went to live with Melissa in the Summer of 2018 and I’m showing her the ropes for higher level dressage – so far we’ve never been out of the top two at BD Novice, and we’ll be stepping up to Elementary soon! I can’t wait! She loves me because I’m a show-off and a cheeky chappy, and because I make her legs look much longer because I’m only 15’2!

    I love BedKind because it’s super absorbent, easy to muck out – especially because I’m super clean. It also doesn’t smell, which means it makes life easier for mum because she’s always rushing off somewhere!


    I’ve been fortunate to travel around Europe competing, from France, to Belgium, Spain, Germany and Portugal. I see myself as a good traveller, but sometimes I don’t drink enough, which means my mum plays the apple bobbing game to make sure I stay hydrated.

    Now I enjoy a slightly easier life, but try to maintain my fitness through working with mum. I’d describe myself as a friendly giant with a heart of gold, and hopefully the looks to match! I always need my treat after a ride, and I’ll stare at mum until I get it – I don’t let her forget… ever!

    For me BedKind is soft and comfy, which is perfect for when I need a rest. It’s also much better at absorbing my wet, which means it’s less smelly for me and mum! I have big hooves, and where shavings used to compact and build up, BedKind doesn’t, so my hooves are much healthier. I also don’t have to wait hours whilst mum picks shavings out of my tail anymore, because the cardboard doesn’t stick, so I get more time for my molasses lick tub!


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