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    Animal Ambassadors

    Our Animal Ambassadors enjoy horsing around, spending time with their riders, and getting a great night’s sleep on the bedding they deserve.



    My full name is Med Night Trafford Mignonette, but my mum Lissa calls me Minnie! She brought me in half way through 2015 to progress my eventing career, and originally planned to sell me on. However, I quickly amazed everyone at the yard, progressing from BE90 to (old) CIC 1* in only 6 competitions, and finishing 9th in my first international! Lissa ended up buying me, and we’ve been together ever since.

    I’ve since beaten all the odds, continuing to progress up the levels with numerous top 10 placings along the way, and a win an Intermediate in 2018!

    Some say that I might not have been the most obvious purchase – I’m not the most talented physically, or the most fluid jumper, and I even find it difficult to do dressage with a straight hind end – but mum says my temperament is one to beat all others. I’m brave, I love my job, and we can overcome any issue through hard work! Mum and I have big aims for 2019, and I hope to find my feet at (new) 4* level!

    I love lying down on my BedKind bed – mum likes to say I’m always asleep! BedKind is super comfortable whatever time of year I’m on it, nice and warm in winter and cool in summer.


    Hey, I’m Colin, otherwise known by my posh showing name, Amilas Clicquot. My mum, Lauren Brill, a top pony producer, found me 3 years ago with breeder Sal Keswani.

    Last year, aged 5, I really pulled my socks up and began showing everyone what I was capable of! We qualified for RIHS and HOYS, finishing 4th and 6th respectively - no mean feat for a baby pony in a class full of seasoned pros. This year we’ve managed to qualify for the Royal International again, and we’re in hot pursuit of a HOYS ticket!

    Truth be told, I’m a lazy boy who loves love nothing more than a good sleep! I’m often spotted putting my hooves up, snoozing in my Bedkind bed! My mum used to battle with stable stains, and my bedding snacking habits with the old bedding, now I’m able to relax without her worrying!


    Hi, I’m Caerddaniel Saint James, or just James for short. I’m a seven-year-old Welsh Section C pony, and I’ve lived with Eleanor Lyttle, BedKind Bedding Specialist, since May after she re-homed Lily, her Highland Pony.

    Apparently, Lily didn’t like schooling or showing, but for me I love going to pony parties and winning lots of rosettes! My favourite thing to do however, is eat, I LOVE food! I’ve already been given the nickname ‘Pork Pig’ and put on a diet because my tummy’s too round!

    It’s be fun settling it, especially making friends with Billy, the Connemara. We have such great fun hacking out together, although, I do have to lead the way a lot of the time because he’s not quite as brave as I am! But, don’t tell him I said that!

    When I first tried my new BedKind bed I was miffed that I couldn’t eat it, but once I realised how comfy it is, my mood soon changed! Now mum struggles to get me out of bed in the morning!


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