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    BedKind Supports Ebony Horse Club

    We supported Ebony Horse Club, a community
    riding centre based in Brixton, by donating
    pallets of our bedding and volunteering
    to help the day-to-day care of the centre's horses.





    The bedding that’s kind to your animals

    Made from new, dust-extracted cardboard, BedKind’s 100% compostable animal bedding helps your horse breathe easier. BedKind has natural insulation and absorbency properties, so your horse can stay warm, dry, and fully rested - It’s made with kindness in mind.

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    Created for your animals’ wellbeing

    BedKind is kind to your horse, the environment and to you!

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    “His skin has settled and he is so much happier...”
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    “Amazing customer service!”
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    “It’s easy to muck out and makes grooming much quicker, because the cardboard is easy to brush out...”
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    “Amazing product!!! I won't be going back to shavings ever again!”
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    “It has literally brightened up my week; both boys seem to love it too! ”
    More from our customers
    “I have never come across such a fantastic quality bedding product like BedKind.”
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    “It’s absorbent and the cardboard chips do not stick to manes or tails.”
    More from our customers
    “My horse Buddy has had a significant reduction in sinus nasal discharge since changing over.”
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    “The BedKind bedding is very clean, dust free and easy to muck out.”
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    “BedKind is noticeably less dusty - you can tell the difference as soon as you open the bale.”
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    “It's a quality product at a very competitive price.”
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    A business with animal owners at its heart

    BedKind is produced by animal lovers for animal lovers. The health and wellbeing of animals is at the heart of everything we do. Find out more about our team who share a passion for happy, healthy animals.

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    BedKind supports Ebony Horse Club

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    Racing Down The Centre Line | BedKind Review

    Melissa Fuller from Racing Down The Centre Line
    tells us how BedKind bedding has changed
    her life during the first month.




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