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    Why won't BedKind get more expensive?

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    The bedding that’s kind to your animals

    Made from new, dust-extracted cardboard, BedKind’s 100% compostable animal bedding helps your horse breathe easier. BedKind has natural insulation and absorbency properties, so your horse can stay warm, dry, and fully rested - It’s made with kindness in mind.

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    Created for your animals’ wellbeing

    BedKind is kind to your horse, the environment and to you!

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    “BedKind is a fantastic, economical bedding, offering great absorbency. My horses love it!”
    More from our customers
    “I absolutely love BedKind, I’m definitely a convert!”
    More from our customers
    “BedKind is quicker to muck out and doesn't trigger any dust allergies for me!”
    More from our customers
    “Our mucking out time has halved, the beds remain big and soft, and the horses love sleeping on it!”
    More from our customers
    “It’s so easy to muck out saving me time to ride!! I wish I’d found your product a long time ago!”
    More from our customers
    “It’s amazing! Not only is it virtually dust-free, but it’s a game changer with mucking out!”
    More from our customers
    “With BedKind he’s able to stay in his stable for several nights without any cough, or symptoms. ”
    More from our customers
    “We are really pleased with the absorbency of BedKind, and the lack of dust in the stables.”
    More from our customers
    “Dust-free, absorbent, and so easy to muck out!”
    More from our customers
    “Absolutely love this bedding. It's very absorbent and there is no smell unlike other bedding.”
    More from our customers
    “Better than anything else I’ve used before! I would highly recommend!”
    More from our customers
    “My vet was so impressed when he saw my BedKind that he asked where I’d got it from!”
    More from our customers
    “Thank you BedKind for making bedding that is virtually dust-free!”
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    A business with animal owners at its heart

    BedKind is produced by animal lovers for animal lovers. The health and wellbeing of animals is at the heart of everything we do. Find out more about our team who share a passion for happy, healthy animals.

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